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Discover Art on Florida's Scenic Hwy 30A is here to help you discover the best local art on Florida's Scenic Hwy 30A & in the South Walton area. Whether you are looking for a particular artist, gallery, style, medium or subject, is the best resource on 30a.

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News from Artist Joan Vienot

Posted on Feb 11 by

Artist Joan Vienot has several events going on now… January 11 – March 11: Solo Exhibition Beach Art Group is presenting an exhibition of oil paintings by Joan Vienot,...


Meet Juan Francisco Adaro

Posted on Nov 3 by

Juan Francisco Adaro is most well known as a painter using oil, watercolor, industrial paint, gesso, and acrylic to create lifelike portraits. He is the 2014 South Walton Painter...


Meet Marian Pacsuta

Posted on Jul 10 by

South Walton artist Marian Pacsuta’s oil paintings are a feast for the eye. With each painting she tells stories of the every day with bold, loose strokes and thick paint....


Meet Quilter Mary Zahner

Posted on Apr 21 by

The creativity in South Walton knows no limits. Rosemary Beach resident Mary Zahner uses quilts as her medium. Most of her quilts focus on animals, and you will be amazed by her...