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Meet South Walton Artist Kathleen Broaderick!

If you have not already seen the work of local artist Kathleen Broaderick, be sure a check it out! Whether she is painting landscape, wildlife or still life, each stroke is energetic, loose and colorful. Kathleen’s brushwork is somehow energetic and calming at the same time, kind of like a hazy dream you don’t want to forget when you wake up in the morning.

Check out more of Kathleen’s work here: Kathleen Broaderick

Local Artist Carol Frank at Story Night

artist Carol Frank

One of the local artists presenting on Monday night at Artists of 30A Story Night is Carol Frank! Carol will be bringing these two paintings and discussing the story behind each. We hope you will join Carol and other local artists on Monday night at 30A Songwriter Radio Coffee Shop.

Artists of 30A Story Night
Monday, March 14th
7:00-10:00 PM

30A Songwriter Radio Coffee Shop
2078 US Highway 98 W, Suite 108
Santa Rosa Beach, FL



Artists of 30A Story Night

30A Songwriter Radio Coffee HouseEveryone is invited to Artists of 30A Story Night on Monday, March 14th, 7:00-10:00 PM. Local artists will be discussing artwork and how they became and artist. If you are an artist, bring an artwork to discuss. If you are interested in local art, come grab a coffee and enjoy the stories of local visual artists.

30A Songwriter Radio Coffee Shop
2078 US Highway 98 W, Suite 108
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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Meet Marian Pacsuta

South Walton artist Marian Pacsuta’s oil paintings are a feast for the eye. With each painting she tells stories of the every day with bold, loose strokes and thick paint. Her style is somewhere between impressionist and expressionist, blurring the boundaries beautifully. If you have not had a chance to enjoy Marian’s artwork, now is a great time to acquaint yourself! You are going to love it! Read more about Marian here… 

Meet the Very 1st South Walton Artist of the Year

More than a decade ago, Visit South Walton launched their Artist of the Year program to highlight South Walton’s thriving arts community. In 2003, Dorothy Starbuck was named the very first South Walton Artist of the Year!

Dorothy was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where she developed a love and passion for painting the natural splendor of her beloved tropical state.

Her works of art display an exceptional talent in painting and preserving the images of Florida’s diverse and dwindling, unique natural features, ranging from the beaches to lakes and rivers, swamps and forests. All elements are accurately portrayed. Colors and textures are precise and vivid.

Her representational style conveys the calmness and serenity she feels while sketching or taking photographs in the field. Her powers of direct observation, pursuit of excellence and ability to capture the nuances of color, light and shadow give her oil paintings an authentic feel.

In her frequent trips throughout Florida, she searches for remote, undisturbed areas. “These trips to the wild provide the inspiration for my paintings and have given me many wonderful, exciting experiences. I love being out in nature and hopefully that is reflected in my work.”

Dorothy’s paintings have been featured in the Florida State Capitol, at the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, D. C. and in the permanent collection of the U. S. Air Force and numerous Florida art museums.

Read more about Dorothy here: