Lynnette Moody


Lynnette Moody spent 20 years as an emergency room and high tech pediatric nurse. She witnessed a great deal of sadness and tragedy. Upon retiring from nursing, Lynnette began her second career as an artist, from years of longing to create beauty, joy and, most importantly, humor. “The world needs less shouting and more laughing. It seemed logical for someone who plays in the mud for a living to have fun with it.” states Lynnette. “When the viewer looks at my work, whether in their garden or just in passing, I want them to smile…or, perhaps, laugh out loud. I want them to relate to the expression on the face of “Perfect Moment” as she blissfully turns her face up to catch the last warm rays of sunlight.”

Lynnette Moody is a self taught artist. who does not use models or photographs and only very few tools.”My hands and fingers are my tools. I love the feel and the soft texture of the clay. Sometimes it complies with my ideas and sometimes it has ideas of its own. It’s all good!”



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