Nanette Ream

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In the words of Nanette Ream…

Inspiration is defined as encouragement or stimulation. We all look for it in different ways, for different reasons.

After spending my entrepreneurial life working with my family’s business, I am now blissfully retired. While I have spent the last several years revisiting my painting skills with a broad stroke, my love for the tedious detail of a fine, sharp line makes for a dual focus.

Growing up in the rolling hills of Northeastern Ohio and now residing amidst the sparkling waters and white sand of Florida’s Emerald Coast, I have derived inspiration from both.

Much of my current work is mixed media, with an emphasis on block printmaking. Some collage, painting and drawing are thrown into the mix.

So broad stroke or crisp detail, I believe the best of life, in any medium, is a balancing act. I hope that my work brings inspiration to you.



Nanette Ream
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