Fusion Art Glass

Fusion Art Glass

Founded in 1996 by glass artist Russ Gilbert, Fusion Art Glass has grown to represent over one hundred and fifty North American artists. Focusing on small, independent studios and quality craftsmanship each piece is individually created with excellence in mind. Our curated collection represents the best of North American art glass, providing clientele with one-of-a-kind pieces perfect for any décor.

Our handcrafted jewelry collection enhances our mission to provide our customers with unique, high quality pieces. As artwork you wear, each jewelry line has been carefully selected based on craftsmanship and design. Striving to showcase stunning jewelry at a variety of price points, we are always looking to provide our customers with that special piece.

Our first gallery opened in Seaside, FL in May, 1996. One of the first art glass galleries in the Southeast, Fusion Art Glass brought the exciting world of art glass to a sleepy beach-side town. Now a national presence, Fusion Art Glass is one of the most respected dealers in American craft.

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55 Central Square Seaside, FL

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