Lee Hensley

artist Lee Hensley


Lee Hensley is an Ohio native and self-taught artist. She has a strong sense of color from many years in the design business and carries that through in her paintings. She originally began painting in watercolor and later moved to acrylics. Lee takes her inspiration primarily from nature and incorporates that palette in her work, whether a specific scene or in an abstract.

When Lee moved to the Emerald Coast in April 2012, she immediately fell in love with the beauty of the Gulf and many surrounding parks. One area that inspired her to paint over and over was Western Lake. She continues to paint as often as possible, even with the full schedule of owning a business with her daughter on 30A. Many of her paintings are available for purchase at Lola’s on 30A.



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Lola’s on 30A
3788 West County Highway 30A
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