Russ Gilbert


Glass maker and gallery owner, Russ Gilbert, began working with glass in 1979 using the lampworking (torch) technique with clear borosilicate glass. He learned the art of shaping glass with the torch through trial and error and attending workshops with some of the world’s best lampworking artists. After almost 30 years of working with a torch, he began creating blown pieces with furnace work. Gilbert creates unique, eye catching and high quality blown glass as well as flame-work designs- always focusing on naturalistic styles and themes. In 1996 Gilbert opened his first gallery in Seaside, Florida. One of the first all glass galleries in the United States, looking to create a space for himself and other glass artisans to display their work and bring contemporary design to the Gulf Coast. He is responsible for introducing dozens of established and emerging glass artists to collectors across the country.



(850) 231-5405

You can find Russ’s work at:

Fusion Art Glass Gallery
55 Central Square Seaside, FL