Ginger Grinkmeyer

Ginger Grinkmeyer


Ginger Grinkmeyer was born Virginia Leigh, but has always been called Ginger. She was born in New Orleans, which founded the core of her soul and spirit, and gave her a true appreciation for all things old and with a history – no matter the kind.

Ginger graduated from the University of Colorado with a pre-med degree; however, she’s always been surrounded by artistic people and she developed a true appreciation and talent for combining colors, textures, and styles. She has explored numerous artistic mediums, tools, theories, subjects, and business endeavors. Then, in true Southern style, she coined her business, Ginger Leigh Designs, 12 years ago. Since then she has piloted a stationery company, a retail storefront, a wholesale company and a licensing company always selling her artistic designs. Says Ginger, “I put it out there to God: that I was willing to work hard and be a catalyst, to use me and give me a mission to touch people with His message and my art in all of their times of need… for comfort, for joy, for faith, and for love. And, here I am… with a blossoming wholesale and retail business.”



50 Uptown Grayton Circle
Grayton Beach, FL 32459

(850) 231-5555