Lori Drew


In the words of Lori Drew…

Working with cold wax and oils is a journey rich in texture and complexity. Every day I have the pleasure of exploring new effects of layering, new feelings of comfort and new surprises that culminate in loving little memories of my life near the Gulf of Mexico.

After laying on a priming medium, I mix cold wax medium with oil paints and begin the journey, not really knowing what is at the end of the road. I combine the medium, which is beeswax and solvent, with oil paints at varying ratios, at varying degrees of dryness, with a variety of implements to achieve texture through layers, always ready for magic. The first few layers create the base, with the next few usually revealing a path, but I never really know where I’m going till I get there.

It was difficult at first to let go and allow freedom to enter the painting. I often relate my painting style to life itself, remembering that it’s OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and move forward. I find that the most remarkable results happen, in art and in life, when you trust in your spirit and accept everything as being exactly where you are supposed to be at that moment.

Other experiences that have led me to this moment include life as a U.S. Navy photojournalist, hospital marketing director, stay-at-home mother of three sons, portrait photographer and retail merchandiser. I was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey and moved to Santa Rosa Beach in 2000 after temporary stints in Japan, California, Oregon, Texas, Wisconsin and Indiana. I credit my love of nature not only to living on the Emerald Coast but also traveling to 20 national parks, thus far.

And the journey continues . . .



Come see me at Lori Drew Art Studio/Gallery. Call ahead, please.

60 Summer Breeze Lane
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

(850) 585-7689


Just north of Grayton Beach, SR 283 becomes Bay Dr. when you cross 98. Go 1 mile to East Point Washington Rd.and turn right. One more mile to Cabbage Rose Lane. Make a left and then the third right is Summer Breeze. Ours is the third house on the right, and my studio is in the back, along with a beautiful fireplace and lovely garden. You are welcome to stay awhile and enjoy all that I have been blessed with.