Mary Hong - ArtistWith Midwestern roots and a lifetime of travel behind her, Mary Hong has found her niche in a unique form of glass mosaic and recycled glass artwork. Think: mosaic meets canvas. It’s fine art mosaics with a wild twist of the unexpected. Mary’s love of art and creativity began with crayons as a toddler and grew to a degree in design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, workshops, and self-teaching. Her work graces the walls and rooms of many of Florida’s finest homes and establishments, with one-of-a-kind glass panels, wall and window mosaics, and mixed media glass creations. A glass artist for the past 13 years, her newest series is a revisit to tempered glass. “I went through that phase over 10 years ago. I moved into wine bottles, kiln-formed glass, then back and forth thru a gobzillion other mediums but glass has always prevailed. And now, I’m back to the tempered stuff. I crack up the glass (think sledge hammer), dye it, mix it with vintage jewelry, beads, fairy dust, found objects. Sometimes I slather it with gold and silver leaf, then mix it with other shattered remains of lamps, dinnerware, and lately, an old shower door..the stories this glass could tell…” Mary is a member of the Cultural Arts Alliance, the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation and the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA). Mary owns and operates Mary Hong Studio/Gallery at the Shops of Grayton 26 Logan Lane Grayton Beach FL 850.231.1416. She lives in Destin with her husband, 6 yr old twins, and a lot of glass.




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Mary Hong Studio
26 Logan Lane
Grayton Beach, FL

Phone: 850-231-1416