East End Gallery Announces New “Brainstorm” Collection with Art After Hours Event Friday, Feb. 7

by | Feb 4, 2020 | 30A Art Updates, Art Shows, Openings & Events, New Artwork

There are no storms brewing in Inlet Beach, but there is a whirlwind of incredible original art at East End Gallery, located on the corner of Hwy 30a and 98 in the Shades Bar and Grill complex. The new “Brainstorm” collection, showcasing 17 local and regional artists with 62 new works, is designed to get you thinking and feeling about fine art in a new way.

And what better way to kick off the new collection than with an Art After Hours event, as the gallery joins the Artists of 30a’s First Friday ArtWalk on Feb. 7, from 4-7 p.m.! Grab a glass of wine and a plate of homemade lite bites, then stroll through the gallery with a new perspective, embracing the unexpected as your brain opens up and creates a storm of sensations.

East End Gallery is, in itself, the result of creative brainstorming. The “why not” question was asked two years ago. Why not combine a title company with an art gallery, introducing new homeowners to the art world and fueling the synergy between both Blue Title and East End Gallery. The location represents a collaboration between art and business thought to be a first of its kind in the area. The gallery coexists in the same space as Blue Title, one of South Walton County’s leading title companies. The partnership provides the gallery and its art with a high-end, high-traffic location and exposure to people who love and invest in our community.

Now, in it’s seventh rotation exhibit, which changes quarterly, the gallery is excited to share new works by local artists Jenna Varny, Patti Overholt, Laurel Siwicki, Brendan Parker, Renee Broxson, Curt Couch, Krista Vind, Debi Perkins, Lori Drew and Robyn Martins. Regional artists include Trish Land, Laurie Kwo, Michelle Jones, Gina Hecht, Jules Williamson, Keri Keene and Laurens Cottens.

The “Brainstorm” collection will be featured now through April 3, with Monday – Friday hours, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. For additional information, call or text 850-252-5150.