Adaro Art Gallery Is Having A Sale!

by | Apr 8, 2020 | 30A Art Updates

From Adaro Art Gallery:


Long Story Short because we don’t have payroll we don’t qualify for any of the money for small businesses thus far.  We do however, still have expenses and would like to keep our artists doing what they do best.

If everyone one of our amazing clients buys just 1 sticker we can pay rent YEAHHHH!!!  If however you would like to spend more money we will encourage you by having the following discounts that  WE HAVE NEVER EVER HAD!!!!  We also encourage you to forward this to any of your friends that might be interested. 

Francisco and I LOVE our clients I hope you all know this and we also realize that everyone is in a precarious situation.  We send everyone love from all of us and especially from Salvador Doggie.  We love you and hope everyone is safe and sound and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

All Stickers and T Shirts & Swag 10% OFF

SWAG 10% Discount

Francisco Adaro

Female Form 30% Discount

All Debortina Paintings

15% OFF

All Ceramics

15% Discount