An Update From Artist Lori Drew

by | Apr 2, 2020 | 30A Art Updates

From Lori Drew:

Stay Home But Please Don’t Stay Away
I hope your home is filled with treasures that bring you joy.  Furthermore, I hope your favorite works of art are top on the list of your treasures.  They are for me, and I am blessed to have my studio as part of my home.  I’ll be helping to slow this monster with extra time in the studio, creating what I can.  Got to take the advice of a great friend who recently wrote encouraging words for me to turn off the news and concentrate on painting because, “the world needs all that beauty you create.”

By staying home, we are saving lives.  I truly believe that.  

By staying home in the studio, I hope to bring joy and peace to the comfort of your home with new art as often as I can.  My website is, and I welcome you to tour it at your leisure during the next 30 days.  If you have any inspirational photos, I’d love to see them.  Always looking for new ideas. 

Email me at  

Stay home.  Stay safe.  And please stay in touch.