Big Mama’s Hula Girl Gallery continues a long standing tradition of showcasing local and regional artists. The new location in Blue Mountain Beach welcomed the addition of several new artists for the summer and fall season. Each of the new artists brings a unique portfolio of pieces to expand the gallery collection that offers wide appeal to locals and visitors alike. Thanks to the creativity and imagination of our local artists, guests in the gallery are sure to experience beautiful artistic treasures with southern coastal charm.


  • Jessica Batson – featuring handcrafted pottery, silk batik scarfs with coastal themes and whimsical crocheted toys
  • Maurice Hunter– local founder of the evolfles (Selflove) movement, creating acrylic paintings with selflove inspiration
  • Amy Haas– offering a contemporary art experience using oils,acrylics, textures and resins appealing to the abstract art enthusiast
  • Susan Gray– mixed media artist featuring a selection of shell motif designs, as well as license plate collectible art
  • Karen Paracca– creator of Kooky Bead jewelry designs featuring a variety of earthy gemstones with healing properties
  • Beth McCurdy– Emerald Coast inspired jewelry and mixed media art utilizing acrylics, resins and natural woods
  • Teresa Halverson– unique handcrafted glass memory boxes with coastal treasures, and jewelry customized with fresh water pearls, crystals and gemstones