Art Map Stories

I love the Art Map. I have sold several paintings and commissions from people who picked up a map, and then saw my work on the 30a site. I was invited last January to the Spotlight on Art in Atlanta,,,, after they viewed my paintings on website.

Our Art Map is the single most valuable resource available, for both visitors and locals. Everyone loves the information on artists and galleries.
Thank you for a wonderful job.

Donnelle Clark
Seacrest, FL

The 30A Art Walk for our Home Studio was wonderful! We had approximately 25 guests. They browsed, ate gumbo (some went back for seconds), and some purchases were made! Most importantly, people got to see the scope of our work and some seem interested in a commission piece. We even had a couple from Ohio visit with us thanks to the signs!

Surfside Mosaics
Point Washington, FL

To my knowledge, this is the only resource of its kind for artists and galleries in our area. We loved the concept when it was first introduced. We love how it has expanded over the years, and we certainly appreciate all the effort to make it a high quality resource that represents all of us.

Just a few weeks ago, at The Blue Giraffe a customer asked us to suggest other galleries they should visit. When I handed them the Artists of 30A Map, they were very impressed not only that we had this guide, but that it was such a “well-done brochure and map”.

Debbie, co-owner & bookworm
WaterColor, FL

I made three sales from visitors last year that I know were the direct result of the Art map!
so thank you, Aaron

Didon Comer, Artist
Seagrove, Beach, FL

The Artists of 30A website and map have brought more serious collectors to my studio door than any other marketing I have done in the last three years. I appreciate your efforts and will continue to be a proud partner in growing the brand. As a group we are stronger and have so much potential to let everyone know of the creative spirit of this place. Thank you for leading us with your own creative and compassionate spirit.

Lori Drew, Artist
Point Washington, FL

We so very much appreciate all that you do for our art community! ART NERDS UNITE!!!

I always let our clients know as they are leaving the gallery to check out the website. We have a great and diverse art community and you are really helping it grow!

Brian Wood, Art Director
Justin Gaffrey Gallery
Santa Rosa Beach, FL


Good things happen because of the South Walton Art Map and website! Know I’ve had many folks call who saw me there….sometimes sales and sometimes not but just to get my name/our names out there is an important step! Plus, you deserve a lot of praise for actually doing it….many of us have said for years, oh we need an art map/brochure/website, but none of us have actually stepped up and made it happen. You are making a difference not only for us as individual artists but in the perception of South Walton as a place for art. Cheers and hugs to you…and sincere thanks for all the work you put into it.

Susan Lucas, Artist
Santa Rosa Beach, FL


Just wanted to tell a recent story of my best friend who lost my address. We graduated and received our MA in Speech therapy at St Louis U and she went on the internet with my name. My page on came up. After I sent her notecards of my work, she recently purchased two of my works. I appreciate the brochure tremendously. I have received very positive results and thank you.

Carol Frank, Artist
Santa Rosa Beach, FL


The 30A Art Map is the single most valuable resource available, for both visitors and locals, to give introductory information on local artists and galleries. You are doing a wonderful service. I know that effective marketing is a cumulative result of repetitive exposure in various media.

Joan Vienot, Artist
Point Washington, FL


People have come with the map in hand and said they saw us in the map. That is a good thing!

Sarah Sullivan, The Studio Gallery
Grayton Beach, FL

Thank you for making the 30A Art Map!!

Linda Sasse, Artist
Seagrove Beach, FL