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An Update From Artist Lori Drew

From Lori Drew:

Stay Home But Please Don’t Stay Away
I hope your home is filled with treasures that bring you joy.  Furthermore, I hope your favorite works of art are top on the list of your treasures.  They are for me, and I am blessed to have my studio as part of my home.  I’ll be helping to slow this monster with extra time in the studio, creating what I can.  Got to take the advice of a great friend who recently wrote encouraging words for me to turn off the news and concentrate on painting because, “the world needs all that beauty you create.”

By staying home, we are saving lives.  I truly believe that.  

By staying home in the studio, I hope to bring joy and peace to the comfort of your home with new art as often as I can.  My website is loridrew.net, and I welcome you to tour it at your leisure during the next 30 days.  If you have any inspirational photos, I’d love to see them.  Always looking for new ideas. 

Email me at lori@loridrew.net.  

Stay home.  Stay safe.  And please stay in touch.


East End Gallery Announces New “Brainstorm” Collection with Art After Hours Event Friday, Feb. 7

There are no storms brewing in Inlet Beach, but there is a whirlwind of incredible original art at East End Gallery, located on the corner of Hwy 30a and 98 in the Shades Bar and Grill complex. The new “Brainstorm” collection, showcasing 17 local and regional artists with 62 new works, is designed to get you thinking and feeling about fine art in a new way.

And what better way to kick off the new collection than with an Art After Hours event, as the gallery joins the Artists of 30a’s First Friday ArtWalk on Feb. 7, from 4-7 p.m.! Grab a glass of wine and a plate of homemade lite bites, then stroll through the gallery with a new perspective, embracing the unexpected as your brain opens up and creates a storm of sensations.

East End Gallery is, in itself, the result of creative brainstorming. The “why not” question was asked two years ago. Why not combine a title company with an art gallery, introducing new homeowners to the art world and fueling the synergy between both Blue Title and East End Gallery. The location represents a collaboration between art and business thought to be a first of its kind in the area. The gallery coexists in the same space as Blue Title, one of South Walton County’s leading title companies. The partnership provides the gallery and its art with a high-end, high-traffic location and exposure to people who love and invest in our community.

Now, in it’s seventh rotation exhibit, which changes quarterly, the gallery is excited to share new works by local artists Jenna Varny, Patti Overholt, Laurel Siwicki, Brendan Parker, Renee Broxson, Curt Couch, Krista Vind, Debi Perkins, Lori Drew and Robyn Martins. Regional artists include Trish Land, Laurie Kwo, Michelle Jones, Gina Hecht, Jules Williamson, Keri Keene and Laurens Cottens.

The “Brainstorm” collection will be featured now through April 3, with Monday – Friday hours, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. For additional information, call or text 850-252-5150.

New Works by Lori Drew Enhance New Restaurant in Town

Looking for a new dining experience on the east side of town? Steve Carpenter recently opened Phat Crab in Carillon Beach town center and requested the oil and cold wax art of Lori Drew to complete the laid-back atmosphere of his newest restaurant. “What better way to offer a special treat to the community than to mix local art and fine dining,” said Drew. Twenty-three new works adorn the walls and all are for sale. “I am honored to be a part of this new venture, adding a delightful spark of enthusiasm to a great little town center.”Phat Crab is open from 5-10 p.m. every day except Wednesdays.

Library Artist of the Month Invites All to ‘Take A Walk In The Park’

Yosemite National Park

Mixed media artist Lori Drew invites you to take “A Walk In The Park” as her solo show opens at the Coastal Branch library Friday, March 1, featuring all new impressions of the natural beauty of our National Parks.

Drew, 2017 South Walton Mixed Media Artist of the Year, said she wanted a new challenge for this exhibit. “We’ve been hiking national parks each summer for 10 years, and I have beautiful photographs to use for inspiration. It felt like a good time to challenge myself with new palettes and a more diverse view of nature’s beauty,” she explained.
The oil and cold wax artist is known for her peaceful representations of the Emerald Coast and its shorebirds. She steps out into a whole new creative world with this new collection, never before exhibited. Viewers will enjoy her impressions of Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, Acadia, the Rockies, Olympic, the Everglades and more. She promised to include several works from our local state parks.
Drew further explained, “Like my paintings of our amazing beaches and coastal dune lakes, these works are not representational, but rather my impressions of the landscapes — both up close and from a distance.” Mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, geothermal formations, swamps and rain forests, sand dunes and paths in the wilderness create a sense of peace for the artist, and her intent is to share that serenity with everyone.
More information about Lori Drew can be found on her website,www.loridrew.net. Her studio/gallery is located in Point Washington, and other works are available at East End Gallery in Inlet Beach and at The Front House Gallery at Emerald Coast Theatre Company.

Pop-Up Gallery Opens at ECTC

Lowkylzart is proud to announce “Follow Your Dreams,” the first pop-up gallery of Emerald Coast Theatre Company’s sixth season.  Coinciding with “The Spitfire Grill” and Hannah’s attempts at following her own dreams, this collection of carefully curated local art will be available exclusively during the theatre company’s events now through Oct. 7.

More than 70 works of original art from 19 award-winning and emerging artists can be purchased with 20% benefiting ECTC.  Lowkylzart has been an integral part of enhancing the theatre experience from the first professional performance six years ago and is exceptionally excited about this season’s three scheduled pop-ups.
Artists selected for the first show are: 
Shelley Blackmarr
Renee Broxson
Chuck Clisso
Kel Coleman
Carol Dickson
Lori Drew
Russell Ferris
Debra Finlayson
Cheryl Gray
Suzanne LeLoup-West
Helga Letourneau
Brady Mandigo
Theresia McInnis
Cindi Newhouse
Marian Pacsuta
Debi Perkins
Nanette Ream
Patti Schlotterlein
Mara Viksnins
For more information, email lowkylzart@gmail.com.  Emerald Coast Theatre Company is located at 560 Grand Boulevard Upstairs, Suite 200, Miramar Beach, FL.  Tickets to The Spitfire Grill are available through their website, https://www.emeraldcoasttheatre.org/on-stage

Local Artist Opens Unique New Gallery on Hwy 30A

INLET BEACH, FLORIDA – Award-winning artist, Lori Drew, has teamed up with Warren Beason and Natalie Gibbs to open East End Gallery.  

East End Gallery is a full-service gallery with over 125 linear feet of display space located behind Shades Bar & Grill at the east intersection of Highway 30A and 98.  The gallery’s opening exhibition, “Artist Favorites,” features more than fifty carefully selected works from well known local and regional artists.

The location represents a collaboration between art and business that is thought to be a first of its kind in the area.  The gallery coexists in the same space as Blue Title, one of South Walton County’s leading title companies. Drew, 2017 South Walton Mixed Media Artist of the Year, noted the unique arrangement is a huge positive for the art community,  “Our partnership with Blue Title provides the gallery and its art with a high-end, high-traffic location and exposure to people who love and invest in our community.”

Beason added that it was important for them to take their time and do it right, “We weren’t interested in just throwing some art on the wall and telling people it was for sale.  Instead, we took our time to renovate the space with the proper lighting and hanging system, learn about the artists and their needs and invest heavily in technology to manage and promote the gallery well.”

East End Gallery is now open and will operate Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays by appointment.  The gallery is active on both Facebook and Instagram. Their website (www.eastend30a.com) will launch soon providing an outlet to learn more about the art, additional information about the artists and the ability to purchase directly online.

East End Gallery
10952 East County Hwy 30A, Ste B
Inlet Beach, Florida 32461



Lori Drew Art Studio Open for April ArtWalk

All are invited Friday, April 6 from 4-7 p.m. to enjoy new art, sipping wine by the fire, while tasting Ottolenghi-style light bites in The Point . . . Point Washington, that is.  Lori has been creating new paths to the beach and shorebirds guaranteed to make you smile.  April ArtWalk is a great excuse to visit local art studios, get to know the artists and share some special moments under the stars. 60 Summer Breeze Lane is just north of Grayton Beach.