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Meet Marian Pacsuta

South Walton artist Marian Pacsuta’s oil paintings are a feast for the eye. With each painting she tells stories of the every day with bold, loose strokes and thick paint. Her style is somewhere between impressionist and expressionist, blurring the boundaries beautifully. If you have not had a chance to enjoy Marian’s artwork, now is a great time to acquaint yourself! You are going to love it! Read more about Marian here… 

Meet the Very 1st South Walton Artist of the Year

More than a decade ago, Visit South Walton launched their Artist of the Year program to highlight South Walton’s thriving arts community. In 2003, Dorothy Starbuck was named the very first South Walton Artist of the Year!

Dorothy was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where she developed a love and passion for painting the natural splendor of her beloved tropical state.

Her works of art display an exceptional talent in painting and preserving the images of Florida’s diverse and dwindling, unique natural features, ranging from the beaches to lakes and rivers, swamps and forests. All elements are accurately portrayed. Colors and textures are precise and vivid.

Her representational style conveys the calmness and serenity she feels while sketching or taking photographs in the field. Her powers of direct observation, pursuit of excellence and ability to capture the nuances of color, light and shadow give her oil paintings an authentic feel.

In her frequent trips throughout Florida, she searches for remote, undisturbed areas. “These trips to the wild provide the inspiration for my paintings and have given me many wonderful, exciting experiences. I love being out in nature and hopefully that is reflected in my work.”

Dorothy’s paintings have been featured in the Florida State Capitol, at the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, D. C. and in the permanent collection of the U. S. Air Force and numerous Florida art museums.

Read more about Dorothy here:

Meet South Walton Newcomer Liza Snyder

liza snyder exhibitLiza Snyder, a newcomer to 30A, is on a journey as a visual artist. It is her intent to catalogue her steps through this journey by way of painting what she experiences spiritually, emotionally and physically. Her focus as of late has been on florals, abstracts and the human figure. After studying printmaking and obtaining a BFA from Auburn University in 2001, she put down art and creating for twelve years. After this long sabbatical, she has reemerged a new girl, full of hope and laughter and the desire to chronicle everything that has bubbled over from the dark. Her palettes and intent are bright and joyful, quite different than her previous works of muted and conceptual tones during college. Liza’s hope is that her creations invite her viewer to both rest and celebration.

Liza is mama to three kids, two dogs and two cats, and partner to a great hubs. Life is fun and a little chaotic. She embraces her messiness, and delights most of all in sharing and exploring art with the sweet beach community she is a part of. Her home and studio are located in Point Washington, Florida, five miles north of Seaside and 30-A.

Liza’s exhibit “Seeking the Village” will be on display at Amavida in Rosemary Beach May 29th – July 8th. You are invited to attend the opening reception on May 29th at 7:00 PM.

Read more about Liza here:

Meet Illustrator and Author Robin Wiesneth

toi-bookRobin Wiesneth is an artist, writer, animal lover, and life-long traveler. Animals are her favorite subjects for paintings and she often does commission portraits of pets from photographs. Her children’s books feature whimsical animals in colorful stories of adventure. You’ve probably seen her book Tails of Imagination in local stores, but it’s also available on along with other books she’s written and illustrated.

Read more about Robin here:

Meet Local Plein Air Painter and Sketch Artist Joan Vienot

Joan’s paintings are energetic and full of luscious strokes that draw you in with plenty of texture and color. When I first met Joan, she was painting outside as she often does. Unfazed by flies and hot Florida afternoon sun, she whipped out a painting in oil of some bicycles and palm trees near Rosemary Beach. Her fluid style is catchy. It’s no wonder that painting was purchased within a few minutes of completion. Joan’s passion for art is evident in her style and passion. You are in for a real treat if you have not already experienced Joan’s artwork. I encourage you to visit her website at You can also read more about her on this website here.

Introducing Seagrove Artist Linda Sasse

When I met Linda Sasse at her studio, boy was I for a treat. Her Seagrove studio adjacent to the Old Florida Fish House is a hidden gem. Right away your senses are welcomed by large 3ftx3ft contemporary paintings. Each painting is acrylic layered with many opaque and transparent layers creating a visual feast for the eye. The canvases are full of interesting texture as well. Linda’s creative spirit is just sweet as the paintings themselves. I strongly encourage you to meet Linda Sasse and check out her paintings at her Seagrove studio.

Read more about Linda here.

Meet the Moore Family, a Folk Art Collaboration

The first time I met Alan Moore and his family at an art show I was instantly warmed and encouraged by the way they create art… TOGETHER. There are few things more touching than seeing a father kneeling down with his son and daughter working diligently to make a beautiful flower out of a tin can. The Moore’s artwork is just as warm, bright and fun as the way they create it. If you have not already done so, I encourage to check out the artwork and also soak in the spirit in which it was created. To view more artwork by the Moore family, click below:

Meet Folk Artist Andy Saczynski

There is nothing funkier on the beaches of 30A than a work of art by Andy. His work is characterized by bold color, loose creative marks, recycled materials and funk, funk, funk! Andy’s studio is located right next to the Hurricane Oyster Bar in Grayton Beach. If you have been feeling down or pessimistic, a visit to Andy’s gallery will cure you. I encourage you to go check out this extremely creative Artist’s work if you have not already had that pleasure.

Read more about Andy here: